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Embed any of 650+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps

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Smart home companies need to separate their products from the competition. Start-ups struggle to gain traction among an overwhelming set of consumer options, while larger established brands have difficulty evolving into the integrated experiences that customers expect.


Embed any of 650+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps with IFTTT Connect to differentiate your offerings, increase engagement, and delight your customers. IFTTT’s neutral platform helps your smart home products become integrated solutions while empowering you to understand and evolve with your customers.

IFTTT Connect enables a powerful and easy-to-use way to elevate our customer experience and further differentiate our products in the marketplace.

Chris Jones , Chief Technology Officer, iRobot


Increase engagement and differentiation

Create new ways for customers to engage with your product by integrating popular third party brands.

Be where your customers are

Embed integrations seamlessly into your apps, emails or website.

Evolve from standalone products to integrated solutions

Delight your customers by instantly making your product compatible with hundreds of other well-known brands and services.

Learn from
 customer behavior

Analyze customer behavior to better understand how they’re using your product and which integrations you should prioritize.

How IFTTT Connect works

IFTTT Connect is a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of the 650+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website with embeddable connections.

These rich, query-based experiences connect your offerings to the other apps and devices in your user’s digital life, driving engagement, retention, and product stickiness.

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