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Rapidly increase engagement

Embed any of 650+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps

Our fintech customers


Digital transformation fundamentally disrupted the financial industry, placing traditional institutions in direct competition with a new generation of challenger banks.

To win over the consumer, banks must now provide an ever-evolving suite of product features that inspire engagement, increase financial transactions, and nurture customer loyalty.


Connect to IFTTT and quickly increase engagement by extending the capabilities of your product by embedding the functionality of any of 600+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps.

We know that members who use IFTTT save almost twice as much and reach 68% more goals than members who don’t.

Henrik Wrangel , Head of Product Experience at Qapital


Increase engagement 
and loyalty

Motivate customers to engage with more products by integrating popular third party brands.

Be where your customers are

Embed integrations seamlessly into your apps, emails or website.

Extend your
 app’s functionality

Integrations are the new product features. Rapidly increase the functionality of your app with each new integration.

Learn from customer behavior

Analyze customer behavior to quantify their value and to prioritize which services to integrate next.

How IFTTT Connect works

IFTTT Connect is a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of the 650+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website with embeddable connections.

These rich, query-based experiences connect your offerings to the other apps and devices in your user’s digital life, driving engagement, retention, and product stickiness.

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