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Optimize usage and incentive retention

Embed any of 650+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps

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Connecting your product to the other brands your customers use every day is the quickest and most predictable way to delight customers and increase off-peak usage. But, building the product features this requires can be slow, risky, and time-consuming.


IFTTT helps you optimize energy consumption and increase customer retention by bringing any of 650+ global brands into your existing digital properties.

We estimate that IFTTT helps customers save 40% on their water heating costs by programming their smart thermostat to heat at the cheapest times of the day.

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Reduce peak energy consumption

Help customers to take advantage of off-peak pricing by integrating with real-time information from the apps and smart home devices they use every day.

Optimize energy production

Gain valuable insight into customer usage and adapt your production for efficiency and cost savings.

Increase customer retention

Make it easy for customers to conserve energy and save money by embedding integrations directly into your apps, emails, or website.

Learn from customer behavior

Analyze behavior to understand the value of each connected user and to prioritize which services to integrate next.

How IFTTT Connect works

IFTTT Connect is a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of the 650+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website with embeddable connections.

These rich, query-based experiences connect your offerings to the other apps and devices in your user’s digital life, driving engagement, retention, and product stickiness.

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