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Best development program we’ve interfaced with.

Your product is like a form of superpower.

Applets have made it easier for users to understand, find, and enable use cases that are relevant to them.

IFTTT was one of the most common requests before we launched our first service in August last year in the UK, and we’ve seen great uptake since.

Anna Gustavsson
Head of Product Development, Hive

Through IFTTT, we are empowering customers to unleash their imagination as they create new ways to integrate some of our favorite innovations, like Domino’s Tracker, into their everyday lives.

Dennis Maloney
Chief Digital Officer, Domino’s

With IFTTT, [we] saw the opportunity to add an extra layer of ways to trigger savings for your goals. One thing led to the other — a passion project became a partnership, and now thousands are using IFTTT in the Qapital app.

IFTTT allows our customers to connect their Arlo account to their smart home devices so that they interact in the ways you want.


What are my payment options?
PayPal or wire transfer.
What’s the difference between Start-up and Enterprise?
The Start-up package is designed for businesses with one main app or product. It enables you to build and publish a single service with an unlimited number of Applets. You’ll have access to the platform where you can maintain, update, and find insights on your service.

The Enterprise package is a better choice for larger companies with multiple products or services, or who need end-to-end and priority support. Enterprise level partners can publish more than one service, have a dedicated account manager, and access to custom options. See above for more details on the specific features of each tier.
What is Maker?
Maker is for regular, individual users who want access to more sophisticated Applet building tools. Makers can build and publish Applets that work with the services on IFTTT, but they cannot publish their own service.
What are the next steps?
We’ll provision your admins with log-ins (they’ll need to first create their own IFTTT accounts). Then, you’ll be given a launch kit that has a checklist to help you set-up, connect your API, build your Applets and launch.
What is an Applet?
Applets bring your services together to create new experiences. Here’s a guide to building Applets.
What is a service?
Services are the apps and devices that work with IFTTT. Each service has Applets that users can turn on, or they can use the services on IFTTT to build their own custom Applets. Some companies want to set up one service, and some want to create multiple services when they have different businesses or product offerings.
What are the technical requirements for working with IFTTT?
OAuth2 API or RSS feed are required.
Can users of my service build their own Applets?
Yes, users of your service can build their own custom Applets. This turns your IFTTT integration into a research and development lab, as users find new and creative ways to use your service. You can see insights related to popular use cases in your platform analytics.
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