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Work with hundreds of popular products and APIs

Over 450 services work with IFTTT, and you can build with all of them. It’s your API playground. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, BMW, Slack, Fitbit, Telegram — even Domino’s pizza! In the past, you could only build Applets that worked with services you actually owned and had connected. As a Maker, you’ll have access to everything.


Build Applets with custom filters and multiple actions

You’ll be using the same Applet building tools as our official partners. Adding another action to an Applet is as easy as an extra click. Want even more control? You can use Javascript to add filter code that fine-tunes how an Applet runs.

Read the documentation to learn what’s possible with filter code.


Publish your Applets to share your creations

Build something cool? Don’t keep it to yourself! You’ll have a public profile where you can share your creations with the world. When you publish an Applet, anyone can turn it on. There are over 10 million users on IFTTT — show them your stuff.

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