One connection,
countless possibilities

There’s no need to build 3rd party integrations in-house when you can integrate with IFTTT. Give your users immediate access to over 600 apps, devices, and brands.

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What is IFTTT?

IFTTT gives you access to an ecosystem of over 600 apps, devices, and companies,
thousands of active developers, and millions of consumers.

Integrate with hundreds of partners quickly

Get access to our ecosystem and you are immediately connected to over 600 world-class services, including voice assistants, social media, and IoT products. Say goodbye to expensive, time consuming, in-house APIs and integrations.

Services and applets from Partners on the IFTTT Platform

Inform your roadmap

Gain insights into how people connect and use your products so that you can shape your products to their lifestyles.

Analytics on data gathered from the IFTTT platform

Build user trust

Give users transparency and complete control of how their apps and devices access your products.


From our partners

“IFTTT’s network of partners is so extensive that one connection allows us to get a lot of connections to third-party devices… IFTTT gave us a way to get there very quickly and very inexpensively.”

Scott Harkins
VP, Honeywell Connected Home

One connection, countless possibilities

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