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Applets add new experiences to your service


Integrate quickly with hundreds of services

It’s easy to put familiar brands and new experiences in front of your users, from the latest bots and IoT, to the world’s most famous voice-activated assistant. You can build Applets and embed them directly in your app or website. And, as a platform partner, other companies can build Applets that work with your service, introducing you to new audiences.


Inform your roadmap with in-depth analytics

As people use your Applets, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your service fits into their lives. Use those insights to improve your product, build partnerships, and craft marketing campaigns.


Give your customers the confidence of compatibility

People need to know that the services they use will work well together. Reassure them with a “works with IFTTT” seal on your packaging, a dedicated presence on, and powerful Applets that work with a range of services.


From our partners

“IFTTT’s network of partners is so extensive that that one connection allows us to get a lot of connections to third-party devices… IFTTT gave us a way to get there very quickly and very inexpensively.”

Scott Harkins
VP, Honeywell Connected Home

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